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Ordering Policy

General Ordering

To guarantee a specific order on a specific date, we recommend you place your order two weeks in advance. Orders must be placed at least two weeks ahead of time to guarantee your order, especially before major holidays (which have designated deadlines that change from year to year and are noted on our website and holiday flyers that we keep stocked in store). If you need a last-minute order, please call the bakery at 412-653-2236 and we'll see what we can do to accommodate your needs. Please note, all orders require 100% prepayment. If you need to place a custom order for something elaborate (I.E- tiered cakes, flower top cakes, custom shaped cakes, custom drawings and/or fondant work), it is recommended to call two weeks to a month before your desired event as these orders are subject to availability. *Please note, wedding cakes are handled separately and require a consultation. Please call the bakery if you're interested in scheduling a wedding cake consultation.

Refunds, Cancellations and Order Changes

Due to our production schedule, once an order is placed and payment received, orders can not be changed or cancelled if it is 72 hours before the order is due. If a cancellation is desired, it will be in the form of a store credit issued as a gift card by an approved manager on a case by case basis. No cancellations or orders will be accepted via e-mail. All order changes or cancellations must be done over the phone or in person and confirmed with one of our associates. If a credit card refund is desired, a processing fee of $5.00 will be charged at the customer's expense.

Return Policy

We are not responsible for cakes or products once they leave our facility. Please check your order thoroughly before leaving to resolve any known issues. When handling our products, some can be fragile, need refrigeration, and/or need stored or traveled with a certain way, so please inquire with our staff the handling instructions, especially on custom orders and tiered cakes. Our friendly staff is trained on how to provide you with this information. If you do not feel comfortable transporting any number of our items, we do offer delivery (when available and for a fee). There is a minimum purchase for delivery and a fee is charged based on location.

If there is a problem with your order outside of its appearance, please return to the store with your receipt and product and ask to speak with the manager. If you're unable to return the same day, please call the bakery at 412-653-2236 and ask to speak with a manager to explain. In most instances of an incorrect or unsatisfactory item, a replacement item will be issued as long as you bring back the product, or a portion of the product in question. A receipt is required on all returns. Sorry, there are no exceptions. If a refund is issued, it will be in the form of store credit as a gift card or the money is returned back to your card excluding a $5.00 fee that the customer pays for processing.

We do not offer refunds based on personal preference of flavor and textures of our items, only incorrect items. We offer a lot of options and are known for our product quality, but it impossible to predict one's personal preference over another and unless noted, all of our recipes remain constant. Satisfaction is our number one goal, so if you have any concerns please call the bakery at 412-653-2236 and ask to speak with a manager.

Cake Handling, Traveling & Storage Instructions

All of our cakes must be transported and stored on a flat surface. This does NOT include a car seat or on someone's lap. Avoid putting your cake in the trunk. Some products can not be transported there because of the conditions a trunk presents.

We always recommend refrigerating our cakes prior to your event, but it is required on any cake orders with fillings and specific icings. We recommend refrigerating 100% of the time during summer months prior to serving and having A/C on in the car. When transporting during the winter time, keep the heat low or turned off in your car.

Always avoid direct sunlight on your cake as this creates heat and could melt the icing. While driving, avoid sudden stops and turns and be gentle with braking, especially over speed bumps. Certain decorations on our cakes may also need special care. If so, our sales associate will inform you prior to leaving the bakery.