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3D Cakes

Our 3D cakes take our talented decorators' creativity to the next level. From cakes baked with unique molds, or ones carved by hand, our bakery is known for its customized work. This is just a sample of what we can do. Need a custom cake? Our sales associates are trained to help with the ordering process. Please review our ordering policy if you have any questions or call 412-653-2236 to speak with a sales associate. A list of our batters, icings and fillings can be found on our menu.


White Vanilla
White Almond
* Lamb available in White Vanilla only

French Creme
Chocolate Buttercream


3D Beer Barrel Cake

3D Cat Face Cake

3D Coconut Drink Cake

3D Cupcake Cake

3D Heinz Ketchup Bottle Cake

3D Pineapple Cake

Beehive Cake

Cute Pineapple Cake With Face

Hamburger Cake

Hot Dog Cake

Pirate Treasure Chest Cake

Rainbow Toy Xylophone Shaped Cake

Suitcase Cake

Sushi Roll Cake

Taco Cake

Tea Pot

Toilet Paper Cake

Wine Barrel Cake