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These uniquely designed layered cakes boast equal layers of filling to cake to make for an extra flavorful dessert. Different tortes are available seasonally. Tortes can be customized or ordered online.

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Ambrosia Torte

Summer Only

Black Forest Torte

Black Tie Affair Torte

Boston Creme Torte

Burnt Almond Creme

Burnt Almond Raspberry

Candy Cane Torte

Winter Only

Cannoli Torte

Carrot Cake Torte

Chocolate Cloud Torte

Chocolate Raspberry Chambord

Coconut Snowball

Combo Torte

Creamy Red Velvet Torte

French Vanilla Strawberry Torte

Spring & Summer Only

German Chocolate Torte

Hawaiian Torte

Spring & Summer Only

Heavenly Chocolate Torte

Irish Carbomb

March Only

New Year's Eve


Orange Dream Torte

Spring & Summer Only

Oreo Explosion Torte

Peanut Butter Bliss Torte

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Torte

Fall & Winter Only

Pumpkin Harvest Torte

Fall & Winter Only

Raspberry Lemonade Torte

Spring & Summer Only

Raspberry Mango

Summer Only

Red Velvet Torte

Rich Mint Torte

Winter Only

Summer Paradise

Spring & Summer Only

Summer Solstice

Summer Only

Tiramisu Torte

Ultimate Heavenly Chocolate

White Vanilla Raspberry Torte

Winter Wonderland

Winter Only